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The Mary Mac Show | Grieving After a Loved One's Death

Thank you for visiting today. If you are grieving a loved one's death, we hope you find this show helpful along your journey. Use the buttons below to share on social media as well as listen, subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast platform. Visit my site - to subscribe to my private list and obtain your free book, and learn more about how I can help you.

Aug 29, 2021

In Episode 91, we discuss the courageous act of developing a plan for what we would like to happen should we become ill, unable to care for ourselves, or die and the decisions that need to be made so our families know of our desires.

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If you are ill or grieving a loved one’s death, take the time to

Aug 22, 2021

In Episode 90, we discuss the importance of speaking about death and dying preferably long before imminent death is upon our relatives and loved ones.

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If you are ill or grieving a loved one's death, take the time to research a hotline with trained counselors to speak with.

The very best individuals to...

Aug 15, 2021

In Episode 89, we discuss the grief of not being able to get pregnant, the isolation when we choose not to share this with others, and alternatives some couples decide to take to build a family.

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Aug 8, 2021

In Episode 88, we discuss our feelings and pain after the death of a sister or brother, stepsister or stepbrother, the nuances of our relationship and how to help ourselves through the grieving process.

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Aug 1, 2021

In Episode 87, we look at the value of hugs, embraces and touch to ward off despair, depression, fear, stress, loneliness and isolation after a loved one's death and instead soak in love, peace and calm.

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My book Understanding Your Grieving Heart After a Loved One’s Death is perfect for those...