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The Mary Mac Show | Grieving After a Loved One's Death

Thank you for visiting today. If you are grieving a loved one's death, we hope you find this show helpful along your journey. Use the buttons below to share on social media as well as listen, subscribe, rate and review on your favorite podcast platform. Visit my site - to subscribe to my private list and obtain your free book, and learn more about how I can help you.

Feb 28, 2021

In Episode 65, we venture into the dark places we sometimes find ourselves after a loved one's death and look at ways to climb out of that pit toward a better place in life.

Additional Notes:

Visit Crisis Connections at my website to telephone a trained counselor to speak with whenever you are feeling overwhelmed,...

Feb 21, 2021

In Episode 64, we look at the death of celebrities, sports figures, radio and tv personalities, actors and others and discuss why we are affected by their challenges and grieve their deaths.

Last year, in episode 10, we spoke about how we feel when our heroes share about their terminal illnesses or have died. ...

Feb 14, 2021

In Episode 63, we look at ways to help ourselves as we approach our own special day each year after we've experienced a loved one's death.

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Feb 7, 2021

In Episode 62, we look at our feelings as Valentine's Day approaches and how to help ourselves through this special, yet melancholy, day.

Additional Notes:

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